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The grade consists of two components: one for attainment (A-E) and one for effort (1-4).
The Hurtwood attainment grades are in line with the national grading system at A-level.
A, B, C, D and E represent pass grades and U denotes fail grade.


Afternoon: A2 Double Maths S2 (90 mins)
Morning: 8.50 am Departmental meetings
Afternoon: A2 Psychology 7182/2 (120 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Music Technology 6MT04 (130 mins)
Afternoon: A2 History 9HI0/01 (135 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Double Maths S3 (90 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Double Maths M3 (90 mins)
Afternoon: AS French 8FR0/01 (110 mins)
Afternoon: A2 English 9ET0/02 (60 mins)
Afternoon: AS Chemistry H033/02 (90 mins)
Afternoon: AS Business 8BS0/02 (90 mins)
Morning: AS English 8ET0/01 (120 mins)
All Day: Mock examinations
Afternoon: AS Maths C2 (90 mins)
Afternoon: IGCSE Biology (75 mins)
Morning: AS Biology 6BN0/01 (90 mins)
Morning: A2 Chemistry H433/02 (135 mins)
Morning: A2 Economics 9EC0/01 (120 mins)
Morning: A2 Sociology 7192/1 (120 mins)
Morning: AS Mathematics M1 (90 mins)
Morning: IGCSE Chemistry (75 mins)

Afternoon: AS Maths C3 (90 mins)
All Day: A2 Media Studies, moderation of production work
Afternoon: AS Psychology 7181/1 (90 mins)
Morning: A2 Psychology 7182/3 (120 mins)
Morning: AS Geography H081/02 (90 mins)
Morning: AS Biology 6BN0/02 (90 mins)
Morning: A2 Biology 9BN/02 (120 mins)
Morning: AS Accounting ACCN1 (90 mins)
All Day: Mock examinations
Afternoon: AS Spanish 8SP0/02 (100 mins)
Morning: A2 Economics 9EC0/02 (120 mins)
Morning: IGCSE English (135 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Sociology 7192/2 (120 mins)
Afternoon: A2 History 9HI0/02 (90 mins)
Afternoon: IGCSE Maths 4H (120 mins)
Afternoon: AS History 6H101 (135 mins)
Afternoon: AS Physics 7407/1 (90 mins)
Afternoon: A2 French F704 (165 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Media Studies G325 (120 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Physics 7408/2 (120 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Double Maths M2 (90 mins)
Morning: AS Sociology 7191/2 (90 mins)

Afternoon: A2 Double Maths FP3 (90 mins)
Afternoon: AS French 8FR0/02 (100 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Chemistry H433/03 (90 mins)
Afternoon: A2 History 9HI0/03 (135 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Sociology 7192/3 (120 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Geography GEOG4 (90 mins)
Afternoon: 4.45 pm Pre-booked transport to Guildford
Afternoon: AS Psychology 7181/2 (90 mins)
All Day: Mock examinations
All Day: A1 Media Studies, moderation of production work
Morning: AS English 8ET0/02 (60 mins)
Afternoon: AS History 6HI02 (90 mins)
Afternoon: AS Accounting ACCN2 (90 mins)
Afternoon: IGCSE Physics (75 mins)
Morning: AS Mathematics C4 (90 mins)
Morning: A2 Spanish 6SP04 (150 mins)
Morning: A2 English 9ET0/03 (120 mins)
Morning: A2 Business 9BS0/02 (120 mins)
Morning: AS Economics 8EC0/02 (90 mins)
Afternoon: A2 Economics 9EC0/03 (120 mins)
Afternoon: AS Physics 7407/2 (90 mins)

Afternoon: 1.00 pm Transport to Guildford
Morning: A2 Physics 7480/3 (120 mins)
All Day: A1 Revision session for upcoming French Speaking Exam
Morning: A2 Business 9BS0/03 (120 mins)
Morning: A2 Biology 9BN0/03 (120 mins)

Afternoon: 2-6pm A2 Dance Unit 4 Group Choreography Rehearsal
Morning: 10-1pm A2 Dance Unit 4 Dance Solo Rehearsals

Afternoon: 5.40 pm Day students’ tutorials
Afternoon: 3.30 pm Staff meeting
Afternoon: 1.45 pm HsM’s meeting
All Day: Grading Week 1 – Holiday work
All Day: Exam: A2 Art, Photography & Textiles Component 2 group 1, day 1 of 3

All Day: Exam: A2 Art, Photography & Textiles Component 2 group 1, day 2 of 3
Evening: A2 Dance Unit 4 Rehearsals
Afternoon: Enigma: drop-in sessions (Circuit Training, Dance Fitness)
Afternoon: 3.15 – 4.45 pm Hurtwood Film Academy
Afternoon: Enigma: revision classes (see back section for details)