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The grade consists of two components: one for attainment (A-E) and one for effort (1-4).
The Hurtwood attainment grades are in line with the national grading system at A-level.
A, B, C, D and E represent pass grades and U denotes fail grade.


Afternoon: 1.45pm HsMs meeting
Afternoon: 3.30 pm Staff meeting
All Day: Grading Week 5
Afternoon: 5.40 pm Day studentsí tutorials

Afternoon: A1 Psychology students Practical Investigations
All Day: A2 Geography fieldtrip
Afternoon: 3.15 - 6.00 pm Hurtwood Film Academy

All Day: A2 Dance Unit 4 Choreography DEADLINE
Morning: 8.50 am Departmental meetings
Afternoon: 2-5pm Hurtwood Writers
Afternoon: Football match, Hurtwood v Godalming College
Afternoon: Hockey match, Hurtwood v Woking College

Afternoon: 3.15 - 6.00 pm Hurtwood Film Academy
Afternoon: DEADLINE 1.00 pm: Gig of Glory proposals
All Day: A1 Theatre: Performance Day

Afternoon: 4.45 pm Pre-booked transport to Guildford
Afternoon: Enigma: Inter house Quiz in PV3
Afternoon: 2pm Visiting Theatre Company 'The Paper Birds' Compulsory for all Theatre Students

Afternoon: 1.00 pm Transport to Guildford
All Day: 10-6pm Extra-Curricular Performance Rehearsals
All Day: Art department open studio

All Day: Performing Arts Scholarships auditions
All Day: 10-6pm Extra-Curricular Performance Rehearsals